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pbi sockeye     #1 Sockeye Bear River Salmon

1.5 to 2.5 lb. Fillets
Each 22 pound case is $236.50 @ $10.75 per pound.
Fillets sold individally are $12 per pound

Each fillet is vacuum packed.
Box size is the same size as the one below.
25" X 12" X 5" and weighs 22 lbs.

These fillets are processed 
at Port Moller where Todd

salmon plate bear fishing sockeye salmon chunks 1
Sockeye Salmon Chunks

Each 22 lb box is $203.50 @ $9.25 a lb.
Chunks sold individually are $10 per pound.

These fillets are processed at Port Moller where Todd fishes.

whole h and g
#1 sockeye salmon head off.

Each fish is vacuum packed.

Waiting for availability.

The average fish size is 4 to 5 pounds, making 10 to 12 fish per box.
Box size is 30" X 15" X 8"

whole h and g
Deming's Canned Sockeye Salmon

Cans are packaged twelve 7.5 ounce cans per carton.

Each carton of twelve is $48.
Individual cans are $4.50

In Stock

           The fleet Todd is a part of fishes the North Pacific in early June until the fish move around to the north side of the Alaska Peninsula. From the end of June through the rest of the summer the fleet plys the waters on the Bering Sea side of the peninsula. The Pacific caught fish are processed in King Cove.  Northside fish are processed at Port Moller.
      The whole fish, fillets, and chunks available through the Wild Salmon Man are from Port Moller and King Cove.
      Because it is not an in river fishery, the fillets are firm and bright. They are flash frozen, vacuum packed, and stored at 20 below zero until they reach you. 5 below zero is the temperature fish oils freeze completely. Absolutely top quality.
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Photos: Lee McDermott